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A Sporadic Display of Self

Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.

5 February
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What'd'ya wanna know?

I suppose I could start with what I look like. 6'2" with shortish curly blond hair, blue eyes, somewhat tanned pinkish skin, long, thin fingers... Errr... Think I might be going into a little bit of a bizarre kind of detail here... Umm... Yeah, I'm tall, and kinda lanky. If I were to sit on yer head, you'd feel about 160lbs ;)

I used to be a Canuk. But before that I was a Brit, and now I'm a Brit again. So I guess you could say I'm a Brit with an identity crisis. I don't like the cold winter of Canada, but I'm not too fond of the large amounts of rain in England. That's why I intend to go to BC eventually. A little bit less rain than England, warmer summers and lots and lots of my loved WILDLIFE and such. :)

When I'm not thinking about disappearing up the nearest mountain, I'm usually thinking about diving in the nearest ocean. So again, I think BC might make a good home. That way I can stop THINKING about it and actually DO it :)

What else... Well, I enjoy travelling, which is partly why I moved back to England. I'm planning on doing some extensive European pilgrimage in the next year or so.

I'm currently employed as an Computer Technician, actually doing just about anything and everything PC related. In my past life I've been an IT Trainer, PC technician, avid student, and general slack assed bastard!

For some strange reason people generally seem to consider me to be fairly sane and all around a nice guy. At least that's what they tell me. I'm sure there's some sort of conspiracy involved.

Music is good. I like just about all of it. Except Country and Dance. Bleh! Then again, some dance is alright. I like Techno (yes, there is a difference between Techno and Dance) but if you were to look at my CD collection you'd find CDs ranging from Tori Amos, to Alice in Chains, to Pink Floyd, to Nine inch Nails, and I think the last thing you'd find, right at the back, would be White Zombie.

Dazzit for now... Read the journal if you wanna hear more... Heck, you could even ICQ me and ask me directly! *shrug*...

*exit, stage left*